Need management support for your business? Email us and we will respond within 24 hours.


What is the initial step to start the process of engaging PMO Solution Pro (PSP)?

When you are ready for program/project management support, please email or call us @ 908-524-5421 or 972-469-3356. A representative will contact you to schedule a meeting to understand your requirements and generate a SOW (Scope Of Work).

What if my business requirements are not clear and support is needed to compile the requirements?

PMO Solution Pro (PSP) supports the process of preparing ‘Requirements’ by doing an initial assessment.

How long will it take to get a quote?

PMO Solution Pro (PSP) will provide an estimate of pricing and terms within 72 business hours. However, the time frame for firm pricing may vary based on your known and unknown requirements.

When will PMO Solution Pro (PSP) start working after contract agreement?

It depends on the size and the requirements of the program. As a standard business practice PMO Solution Pro (PSP) will provide a kickoff presentation meeting/deck with Project charter, Project Schedule and budget with Sponsor Approval.

What are the terms of payment for PMO Solution Pro (PSP) services?

The type of work and contract agreement will dictate the terms for payment. Standard payments at PMO Solution Pro (PSP) are based on critical milestone completions and funds transferred within an agreed upon time period post completion.