Core Values & Project Principles

Program Management: We offer oversight of complex programs consisting of high valued, high visibility initiatives with mandated and strategic deadlines: guiding the management and delivery of projects large & small from conception to operations.

  • Project Charter
  • Program Governance
  • Communications
  • Repository
  • RACI
  • Budget
  • Resource
  • Project Schedule
  • Change Management & Controls
  • Business Transformation

Project Management: Our team initiates and maintains open communications across disciplines within the enterprise: R&D, functional team members, key stakeholders , (Legal, HR, Procurement, etc.) surfacing bottlenecks, eliminating delays, removing roadblocks and ensuring engagement by all participants.

  • Work Orders
  • Project Plan
  • Project Team
  • Project Schedule
  • Monitor
  • Report

Assess, Audits, Reviews & Controls: We help you understand your current state by analyzing and evaluating your strengths and vulnerabilities with an eye towards getting your business organization to its desired state.  We base our assessments against industry/sector benchmarks, domestic and international standards.  Formal read-outs are provided to the leadership team for critical decision making.

  • Industry Standard
  • Baselines
  • Best Practices
  • ISO Standard, SANS, CVS etc.
  • Access Controls – Fraud
  • Cost Controls
  • Process & Change Control

Service Delivery: Our team is skilled in the management and the progression of projects from inception through completion, ensuring requirements and outputs are aligned and operationalized before a completion stamp of approval is granted.

  • Validate
  • Test
  • Accept & Approve
  • Lessons Learnt
  • Close
  • Handover
  • Mentor
  • Train Employees
  • Scheduled Communications
  • Support with Trainers / Consultants

Reporting:  We support in creating messaging and communications slides for Senior Executives and Customer Meetings using the latest tools, Tableau charts and other graphics depicting trends, trajectory and current position in your program/project life cycle: big data management, data classification, categorization and updates, data integration and archival. We work with you to ensure the right data is available to the people who need easy access while limiting unwarranted changes to information through data monitoring and data loss prevention.